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Sent: Thursday, July 22, 2004
Subject: A bunch of new ways to help fight discrimination!
Hey Fairness Folk!
With the resounding defeat handed to Bush and the right-wing leadership in Congress for their efforts to write discrimination into the Constitution last week, one would hope there would be time to breathe...no such luck. With the house bill and ballot initiatives looming the need for help is as great as ever.

Here's an update. You are all probably on lists to receive the following, but just in case...

I originally wanted to highlight some of the reprehensible advertisements that ran everywhere on July 11 designated "Marriage Protection Sunday"...by whom I'm not sure, but oh well. Unfortunately there were too many from which to choose. (I'd also like to construct a list of some of the companies that encourage and fight FOR discrimination - and their products - for interested shoppers.) One of my favorite quotes from theses ads. ran in the Ann Arbor News on Saturday July 10, page A5. "Specifically, the introduction of legalized gay "marriage" would lead to polygamy and other alternatives to traditional marriage." The ad was paid for by a group defining itself as "Christian". (If they can put quotes around gay "marriage"...I can certainly do so around "Christian" when it comes to this group.)

And, in case anyone missed it, the debate over the federal marriage amendment included many unconscionable statements including this from Senator Rick Santorum: "...ultimate homeland security is making sure gays and lesbians don't get married." Guess that says it all, huh? Attacking gays and lesbians takes precedent over Bin Laden and company. These folks are paid to keep us safe??? With priorities such as his, no wonder the U.S. isn't being protected.

Since I just forwarded a bunch of information, I am not including anything specifically dealing with the house bill that would prevent same-sex couples from going to federal court to challenge laws that discriminate against them.

I know this is a lot, but I included complete information and/or bodies of emails so that you could have as much as possible. The sections are separated and I've included a bold heading so that you can browse through them quickly.

I can't thank you enough for your help. Calls in favor of the FMA switched from 5-to-1 to 2-to-1 in a little over a day because of support from people like you.

Hope to see you at the MEETUP!


P.S.If you would rather not receive this info., please just let me know. Also, if you know of anyone who might like to receive it, please contact me. I really would love to beef up the mailing list as we get closer to November. It's just a regular person passing along info., but I'm hoping things won't continue to become scarier if regular people connect. It appears one may have to be part of a majority to receive equality - and safety - in this country and without you, millions of us can't hope for either. If you have anything you'd like passed along, please let me know!

P.P.S. Please don't forget to check out loveisloveislove.com for TONS of information!


They have been deluged with negative calls...PLEASE call or write. SO easy to do both...and the letters are great looking and beyond simple to download...all the work is done for you! Even I could do it!!!


FYI, the next HRC MEETUP information:

Your Human Rights Campaign Meetup is happening on Tuesday, Jul
27 @ 7PM! Please RSVP below and let us know if you plan to
join other HRC Supporters.
NOTE: Your Meetup will be cancelled if fewer than 5 people say
"Yes". Please RSVP by clicking one of the links below.
Your Meetup in Ann Arbor, MI is at:
Zingerman's Next Door
422 Detroit St
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Please RSVP here:
** For "YES, I'll be there" go to:
** For "NO, I can't make it" go to:
Member Created Agenda
* Write letters to Senators thanking or expressing
disappointment with FMA vote. Plan for lobbying
Representatives in August.
* Organizing our Allies to provide assistance.
* Effective Activism--Voter Registration, Boycott, and getting
legislative attention
HRC Meetups - Fight the Federal Marriage Amendment
The Senate defeated the Federal Marriage Amendment on July 14 -
this month we're asking you to write letters of thanks (or no
thanks) to Senators, as well as to plan to lobby House members,
who will probably vote on the FMA in September.
Would you like to stay informed about breaking legislation that
affects the GLBT community, and ways that you can take action?
If you aren't already a part of our Online Action Center, sign
up today. Click here:




Today, we're highlighting four great candidates who are running against staunch supporters of writing discrimination into the Constitution. Together, we can help prove that these divisive tactics have no place in American politics. Chip in for their campaigns now at:
Dear MoveOn Member,
Yesterday, President Bush's effort to write divisiveness and hate into the Constitution went down in flames. Republicans needed 67 votes in the Senate to pass the Federal Marriage Amendment, but they got only 48 on yesterday’s vote – not even a simple majority. It's a huge victory.
Despite the defeat in Congress, Republicans threaten now to make this "an election year issue." Our response: Bring it on. Today, we're highlighting four great Democratic candidates who are running against some of the staunchest supporters of writing discrimination into the Constitution. If we all chip in a little to their campaigns, we can demonstrate that when you try to deny people their civil rights, you don't just lose a vote in Congress – you lose your seat.
You can make a secure, easy online contribution to these campaigns right now at:
While all four of our new featured candidates oppose the Marriage Amendment, they're also each good progressives on other issues as well. Each of these individuals has a compelling personal story and a record of leadership that inspired MoveOn members to nominate them. We believe it will also inspire their constituents to elect them this November.
Each of these candidates also has the opportunity to knock off a conservative right-wing politician, moving us closer to control of the U.S. House.
Our first candidate is Jim Stork, an openly gay man locked in a one of the most competitive races in the country. Jim is running against conservative Republican Clay Shaw in Florida's 22nd District, a Democratic leaning seat that Gore won in 2000 by 5% and John Kerry is currently leading in by the double digits. Stork, the former mayor of Wilton Gardens and a highly successful small business owner, is running an aggressive and intelligent campaign in the center of Presidential battleground politics – Broward County, Florida. His election to Congress would make him only the fourth openly gay member serving in the U.S. House.
Gloria, a MoveOn member from Miami says of Jim, "Jim Stork is a man who is well-respected and is interested in restoring rights for all of us – rights that are being removed by the Patriot Act and rights that are being denied to people due to sexual orientation. He is a man of honor and that is much needed in the US Congress."
Next up is Kalyn Free, running for the 2nd district in Oklahoma. Kalyn became the youngest prosecutor ever hired at the U.S. Department of Justice at the age of 23 and then spent 10 years prosecuting environmental polluters. An intelligent advocate who has worked hard her entire life, Kalyn is a native Oklahoman and member of the Choctaw nation. If elected Free would become the first Native American woman to be elected to Congress. She's in a tight primary race against a very conservative Democrat who supports the Marriage Amendment, supports the war in Iraq, and has received significant backing from the oil and gas industry and the NRA. By supporting Kalyn, we can demonstrate not just to Republicans but to conservative Democrats as well that writing hate into the Constitution just won't fly.
Brian from McAlester, Oklahoma nominated Free and wrote: "Kalyn helped me when I was down and in trouble. With her help and support I made it. I just finished 3 years in the Navy and am happily married and working back in Oklahoma. Kalyn cares from the heart. She is knowledgeable about issues that are important to labor groups, veterans, children and all Oklahomans. She is the one we need in Congress."
In New Mexico's 1st Congressional District, we're highlighting Richard Romero, an outstanding New Mexico State Senate President Pro Tem as well as former teacher. Romero is taking on incumbent Congresswoman Heather Wilson. Wilson is a right-wing Republican who has rubber-stamped nearly every piece of legislation Bush Administration legislation she has seen. Romero is pro-choice and opposed to the constitutional ban on gay marriage. He is running a strong race in this swing state, where voters are responding to his positive message. The race is already neck and neck. With our support, Richard Romero can win.
Of Romero's politics at home, Kathryn from Santa Fe, New Mexico said, "While in the State Senate he took on the old powers and started a reform movement. He was successful and became a symbol of progressive politics for the state. His warm personality, brilliance and knowledge of the First District are exceeded only by his commitment to progressive politics."
Last, we are endorsing Jon Jennings, an Indiana Democrat with a strong chance of beating one of the most conservative members of the U.S. House in Indiana's 8th Congressional District. His opponent, John Hostettler, recently gained notoriety for trying to carry a loaded firearm onto an airplane. Hostettler said he would vote against the Federal Marriage Amendment because it does not go far enough and instead introduced the Marriage Protection Act (HR 3313) which removes the power of the courts to determine the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act.
Jennings, the son of an Alcoa steel worker who worked the 3rd shift to support his family, began his career as an assistant coach and scout for the Boston Celtics. Jon was the first person in his family to graduate from high school and go to college. Jon left sports with a calling to public service and was selected for the prestigious White House Fellow's program by the Clinton Administration and later became the Principal Deputy U.S. Attorney General for Legislative Affairs for Janet Reno in 1999. Jon is running a strong campaign in Indiana and attracting national attention for his important race.
Vicki from Terre Haute, Indiana said: "Jon Jennings is a bona fide Democrat who opposes the antics of the Bush administration and its minions. Jennings has shown an ability to organize and fundraise and has a real chance to take this seat for the Democrats."
Together, our thousands of small contributions can make a big difference in each of these races. And when these candidates win in November, it will demonstrate for years to come that politicians lose when they support discrimination. Please consider making a gift of $10, $25, $50, or more if you can today, to each of these four candidates.
Just go to:
Thank you,
--Eli Pariser and Hannah Pingree
MoveOn PAC
Thursday, July 15th, 2004

Coalition for a fair Michigan announcement

We're still looking for county captains for all 83 counties to defeat the amendment to our constitution. We always need more in some already staffed counties. If you know of someone who can help in being a county captain please forward this message to them or email me their name and email address. Please
make sure you respond to me only and not to the whole group.
Requirements of County Captains are below. Thank you.
Commitments of County Captains include:
Working with Regional Director to meet goals of Field Program
Identifying hosts of house parties in County
Identifying local events and coordinating with Regional Director to
staff events
Recruiting volunteers in County
Implementing GOTV program in County
Contact:Greg Wright



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