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Sent: Wednesday, October 13, 2004
Hey everyone!

I just received the following information and want to get it out to as many as possible. With all that has occurred (and, no doubt,will continue to ) in this state and country, I feel it is vitally important to be informed -and not forget- about those running for positions such as this. PLEASE consider attending and speaking with Judge Thomas. (The non-partisan portion of the ballot...easy to miss!) Also, I hope you will consider Supreme Court Justice Marilyn Kelly (check out her site and endorsements through this link: http://www.kellyforjustice.com/)

Thanks for caring and fighting!!!

Chris O.


Thursday, October 14
7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Common Language Bookstore

Judge Thomas is a candidate for the Michigan Supreme Court. She impressed us when she spoke at the GLBT caucus at the State Democratic Convention. She is an African-American woman running a great grassroots campaign.

Lynn Rivers will be introducing her. Come on out and hear Judge Thomas speak. Mingle and ask questions.

We'll start with a wine and hors d'ouevres reception at 7:00. She'll speak at 8:00.

The State Sumpreme Court is extremely conservative. Help us get her voice on the court. We are asking a suggested donation of $10. If you are unsure, come and hear her, and then decide about your donation!

Ann Arbor. The Bishops of all four Episcopal Dioceses in Michigan have joined more than 225 clergy standing up against discrimination in Michigan. Episcopal Bishops Kelsey, Gibbs, Leidel and Gephert, as well as Bishop Robert Rimbo of the Southeastern Michigan Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, recently signed onto a statement issued by the Religious Coalition for a Fair Michigan, a network of people of faith opposing Proposal 2, a proposed amendment to the Michigan Constitution that will appear on the November 2 ballot.
"As the Bishops of all four Episcopal Dioceses in Michigan, we have signed on to the Religious Coalition for a Fair Michigan Statement because of our personal commitment to justice for all citizens throughout this State” say the Bishops. “Constitutional amendments should not restrict the rights of anyone to receive the benefits and protections afforded the rest of the population."
The Religious Coalition for a Fair Michigan Statement states, "As religious and spiritual people, clergy, and community leaders, we are committed to working for justice and equality for all Michigan citizens. While we are diverse in our understanding of homosexuality as a moral issue, we are one in affirming the full rights of all people and families to equal legal protections that secure and strengthen the family. Therefore, we strongly oppose consideration of any State constitutional marriage amendment or ballot proposal that would limit the rights and benefits of same-sex couples and families, and would only serve to heighten a climate of discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender couples and families in Michigan."
In addition to the Bishops several large religious organization have joined the chorus of those opposing Proposal 2 such as the Detroit Presbytery which said “The Presbytery of Detroit urges its churches and members to actively oppose the proposed amendment to the Michigan constitution on the November election ballot that removes any legal standing for civil unions and domestic partnerships "for any purpose." This Presbytery includes 80 Detroit area congregations also lending their voices against 2 are the Board of Rabbis, and several Unitarian, United Church of Christ, and Quaker faith communities.
Proposal 2 would amend the Michigan Constitution to permanently ban any legal recognition of relationships other than opposite-sex marriage, including civil unions or domestic partnerships for unmarried heterosexual couples. It would also prohibit any form of domestic partnership benefits (such as health care and prescription benefits) from being offered to public-sector employees.

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