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Sent: Wednesday, October 27, 2004
Subject: Justice For Alll!!
Hello everyone!
Down to the wire on Proposal 2 and the polls vary on it’s potential for passing. (Most findings indicate it will.) So, here is some of my final Pre-Election Day info. and requests for help.
Please, if you haven’t, check out my anti-discrimination site for lots of information:

I’ve attempted to include a sizeable representation of “voices” from those involved with politics, civil rights, faith, arts & media and a section for your input titled “we, the people”. The stand against this form of discrimination is strong and crosses all lines.

And, please, pass the site link along to as many as you are able if you feel there might be something on it site that will help in this battle.

Also, help with any of the following GREATLY appreciated:
MAKE IT PERSONAL CAMPAIGN! (This is one of - if not the most important sections on the site right now. Check out the numbers reported and see how many people are being directly affected. It’s amazing! Send in your numbers! Don’t be shy.) UNITED WE STAND? (Where do our political leaders and candidates stand on writing discrimination into our constitution? Pass along any news you have and we’ll try to get it posted before Election Day to assist with voting decisions.) IT’S MY PARTY? Contact the Michigan Democratic Party and ask how they are supporting their adopted “education” resolution regarding Proposal 2! Ask them how you can help accomplish this goal.
As always, I can’t thank you enough. This proposal is wrong and harmful in so many ways…I never thought I would have my life up for a vote…your support means more than I could ever express.

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