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Sent: Monday, November 1, 2004

Republican Ann Arbor Mayoral candidate Jane Lumm contacted me to ask if she could link to the www.justiceforallmichigan.com site. This was such exciting and encouraging news. Please check out Jane’s position on Proposal 2 on her website: www.janelumm.com. Click on the “issues” page link and there you will find a link to her position. Thank you, Ms. Lumm!

Continuing the “encouraging” theme is this as well:
Detroit Free Press
Letter to the Editor
October 29, 2004


We, the undersigned Catholic priests and laypeople, must respectfully dissociate ourselves from the Michigan Catholic Church's advocacy of Proposal 2, the effort to add a definition of marriage to the Michigan Constitution.

While we share our bishops' desire to strengthen the institution of marriage, we do not believe that the proposed amendment would do this. It seems designed, rather, to exclude homosexual persons from the privileges and benefits associated with marriage. It is not clear to us that civil unions between gay people, by whatever name, pose a threat to traditional marriage.

The proposed amendment seems an unnecessary and unwise introduction of discrimination into our Constitution. Many legal experts believe it would require public institutions to deny domestic partnership benefits to any couple whose union is not covered by the proposed definition. This appears to create serious and undue hardships for a whole class of citizens, and thus to violate Catholic social teaching.

We believe it is important that people realize that there is more than one Catholic opinion on this matter. While respecting the good intentions of its promoters, we intend to vote no on Proposal 2 on Nov. 2, and we encourage those who agree with us to do likewise.

Bishop Thomas Gumbleton
The Rev. Justin Kelly

plus 80 Detroit area Roman Catholics, including 19 members of the clergy

Once again, I can’t thank you enough for your help and support. I hope people will see the faces of those they know who will be personally impacted by the passage of this proposal when they vote.

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