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Sent: Sunday, November 14, 2004
As announced in our two most recent Action Alerts, Ann Arbor students held a rally against discrimination and proposal 2 last Thursday. Check out the following story on our new “Fighting For Justice” site page:


As we mentioned, this rally was posted on Margaret Cho’s marriage equality site www.loveisloveislove.com under “Urgent Actions” last week and the follow-up is listed on the current news page there! TERRIFIC! Thanks to lilil!

Received lots of personal input about the rally (including info. of support expressed from the local police when they were called in response to the rally. Our gratitude to them, too!) Hope to have a personal story posted from a participant or two shortly. (If you participated and feel so inclined, please forward your story to us.)

We are beginning our ‘retool’ of the site. Please bear with us through this on-going process. Along with our continued postings from those united against discrimination – including politicians (from all parties), people of faith, civil rights leaders, members of the arts and media and ‘we the people’ - as well as other updates, a new thrust will be supporting the continued fight against discrimination.

To help in this, please join our list (if you haven’t already) and help spread the word to others. The more people we have at the ready, the larger and faster the response in support – or creation- of anti-discrimination activities can be.

We’ve had over 5100 hits to the site already this month! Thank you!!!

Thanks again to all those not accepting political attempts at division and the students for fighting for ‘justice for all’!


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