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Sent: Thursday, December 02, 2004

Hello everyone.

Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. I thought about all of you on this list a number of times that day…knowing how fortunate I am that you are a part of my life on some level.

I really was trying to give any emailing a bit of a rest as it seems we are all just worn out from the last few months. Unfortunately, too many news items have surfaced and I felt I had to distribute at least one email with a bunch of information. (Sorry it is a bit longer than usual.)

I am just passing along information. I have learned from personal experience of the last few months that political manipulation is a constant and feel that any issue or the motivation behind the actions taken may not be as they apear. (What I felt was good news has not always been so and the same with what has appeared to have been bad news at times.) I just want to provide any information I am able…and to work to for equality.

Due to some personal situations, I have not been able to actively update the site much post-election, but that will begin again soon. (Planning and discussions have still been ongoing;) In the meantime, and somewhat unfortunately, almost all of the information on it is still applicable. Please distribute the site address (www.justiceforallmichigan.com) and ask others to join the “Action Alert” list if you are able/interested. We had almost 10,000 hits in November!

(And as of a few minutes before distributing this email the links were all working.)

Thank you so much – as always,


P.S. Thank you Keri and Matt for sending the info. you have

Governor Granholm Removes Same Sex Benefits Michigan Radio Headlines

Thursday, December 2, 2004 5:50 am

Governor Removes Same Sex Benefits An aide says Governor Granholm will remove same-sex partner benefits from contracts negotiated with state workers. The decision is in response to a voter-approved amendment to the Michigan Constitution that bans gay marriage. Granholm aide David Fink says negotiated contracts scheduled for adoption by the state Civil Service Commission on December 15th will be stripped of the same-sex benefits. Fink holds the title of state employer. He says the Granholm administration decided to eliminate the benefits because of the passage of Proposal Two, which defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman. (AP)

If you would like to contact your elected officials about this issue, please visit the www.justiceforallmichigan.com link for the contacting elected officials page.

To contact Governor Granholm: http://www.congress.org/congressorg/bio/?id=31687&lvl=S&chamber=G

Supreme Court declines Massachusetts same-sex marriage fight:
HRC DENOUNCES CBS AND NBC’S REFUSAL TO AIR AD WITH INCLUSIONARY RELIGIOUS MESSAGE ‘It’s a shameful censorship of diversity and understanding,’ said HRC National Field Director Seth Kilbourn. For the full article and link to the ad.
Detroit Catholics hold church leaders accountable On Sunday, Nov. 21, at 11:45 a.m., people of justice and good faith joined together and made a public statement that we will hold our church leaders accountable for their actions against any of God’s children. http://ec.gayalliance.org/articles/000685.shtml
Statement from Judy and Dennis Shepard Concerning 20/20 Report on the Murder of Matthew Shepard

And a related piece: ALARMING RATES OF HATE CRIMES REPORTED BY FBISexual Orientation-Based Crimes Now Second-Highest Category of Reported Hate Offenses Includes link to FBI site for entire report

(I know some will say the following is not specifically related to the issue the site represents, but I wanted to pass this along for a number of reasons including the impact felt by many involved in non-recognized partnerships.) HRC RELEASES WORLD AIDS DAY REPORT CARD

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