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Sent: Friday, July 15, 2005

I just received the following information and wanted to pass it along. Special guests at The Pastor's Summit Protecting God's Order For The Family, sponsored in part by the American Family Association of Michigan (http://www.afamichigan.org/) include Rev. Louis Sheldon (Traditional Values Coalition: http://www.traditionalvalues.org/) and Bishop Keith Butler (Butler, from Southfield, Michigan, is a candidate for the Republican primary for Senate. See his release on the protection of marriage: http://www.wordoffaith-icc.org/pr/20040624.php) Thanks for reading!


P.S. Again, I received this as an email and did a little research. Please direct any questions, etc. to Charles Meade.

P.P.S. You can contact The Greater Bible Way Temple by phone: 517-784-2079

To: Clergy, Community Members and LGBT People of Faith
From:Pastor Carl, Rev Erick Johnson, Rev Cynthia Landrum, Chaplin Daniel McQuown, Pastor Beatrice Robinson, Pastor Edward Ross
Today I learned that on Monday, On July 25, 2005, there will be a Pastor's
Summit at the Greater Bible Way Temple, 322 Madison Street, Jackson, MI 49202 -
The subject matter will include a video "Gay Rights, Special Rights" - The homosexual agenda, why we must protect our children, a moral wrong is NOT a civil right, serving the God of Gideon, marriage protection amendment, standing for truth in the political (arena), what churches and pastors can and can not do, why we must protect states’ marriage amendment.
Considering this is a "Pastors Summit" and is being held in Jackson, I beseech your help as clergy members to ask for you to select an effective way to counteract the damage that this Pastor's Summit will do to the GLBT Community and their families.
Also, I am planning on having a demonstration to voice a dissent of this type of
"Summit" being held in our community from 8:15am until 9:05 am and am reaching out to members of the religious community to voice their dissent on this type of activity being held in our community. The intent of the demonstration is not to be confrontational with those who will be participating in the event, but rather to have a peaceful and quiet presence when the ministers are arriving for the program. If you would let your respective congregations be made aware of this demonstration at 322 Madison Street I would be very appreciative of any members that would be willing to participate. I also am requesting that only the sidewalks be used for foot traffic, that individuals keep moving and not impede any individual who wishes to participate in the Pastors’ Summit. If anyone has any questions regarding the demonstration or members willing to participate, they may call me at 517-745-1130.
I have discussed the issue with Rev Cynthia Landrum and her husband Peter as
well as a lengthy conversation with Rev Jay Cummings
Charles Meade
The flyer that I have consists of the following
Traditional Values Coalition and American Family Association of Michigan Presents
The Pastor's Summit protecting God's order for the Family
July 25, 2005 9 am - 1 pm
Special Guest Includes: Rev Louis Sheldon, Bishop Keith Butler, Dr. Levon
Yuille, and Bill Voorheis
8:30 am - 9:00 am Continental Breakfast
9:00 am - 9:05 am Opening Prayer
9:05 am - 12:25 pm
The Day I go involved, and where we are now
Video - "Gay Rights, Special Rights"
The Homosexual Agenda
Why we must protect our children
A moral wrong is not a Civil Right
Serving the God of Gideon
Marriage Protection Amendment
Standing for Truth in the Political Area
What churches and Pastors can and can not do
Why we must protect states Marriage Amendment

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